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About Us

What is

This isn’t an ordinary website that you go through to see what people say about online casinos. We go further than this and into the truth. On, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the low deposit casinos on the Australian territory. We’ll tell you what they offer, how they provide it, and whether or not they are worthy of your time and your investment. 

What Sites Do We Research?

We are focused on Australian online casinos only. So, if you are a person interested to do some gambling for real money on online sites in Australia, you should definitely check our pages first. We’ll tell you about all those casinos that offer you to gamble on a low budget, or try their games without wasting a fortune.

Do We Research Online Casinos?

You’d think so, but no. Our focus isn’t just the casinos, but also the popular casino games. After all, this is why most gambling enthusiasts enter online casinos to play – for the entertainment and the thrill of being able to win real money. So, when we check online casinos, we focus greatly on their gaming options and offers.

Our website is not interested in paid reviews, paid guest posts, link exchange, and other shady SEO schemes.

Meet Our Team

Joe – Webmaster

This is the man that stands on top of our communication with fellow gamblers – our webmaster. Joe is an IT software engineer and the person who checks the quality of games offered by the online casinos we review. He’s also the person who’s created our amazing evaluation system and oversees the work we do on online casinos.

Milana – Editor

Every written work needs its own, amazing editor. For us, this is Milana. She double-checks what we’ve written, makes sure that our reviews are always updated, and allows us to publish content that will never bring our service a disgrace. She has a degree in linguistics and seven years of experience as an editor, not to mention a great attention to details.

Frankie – Writer/Reviewer

For Milana and Joe to have actual work to fix and publish, we need Frankie. Frankie is our review specialist. Not only is he a literature graduate, but he also has years of experience in providing review expertise. He’s worked for writing companies, as well as for several authors. You may find a lot of information about him on Google search.

How Do We Evaluate Online Casinos

When we check the online casinos to create the information for all of you, we follow these steps:

We compare games list

As we said before, we also review the games offered by casinos. This is why you go there to play – to enjoy their games and make some money. The higher the quality of the games – the higher the rating for the casino.

We compare wagering requirements

You’ll find many casinos with low deposit options, but are they all worthwhile? No, they aren’t, which is why our next step is to check what their wagering requirements are. If they are unrealistic or unfair to the player, we’ll let you know so that you can move onto the next casino choice.

We compare online feedback

Feedback is truly important, perhaps the most important when you choose something online. This includes casinos, too, especially since you’d be investing real money into gambling on their sites. This is why we always check what customers say about a casino before we rate it.

We compare bonus offers

Low deposits aren’t the only great offer casinos have today. Most casinos have bonus offers and the most popular of them have several such promotions. We’ll read about them, check the requirements, compare them to others, and share the results in our reviews.