Aviator Crash Game

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RTP 97%
Volatility Low / Medium
Max. Win $1,000
Min. Bet 0.1
Max. Bet 100
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Last updated 31.05.2024
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About game
Mobile Yes
Release 31.05.2021
Type Mini / Crash / Social Multiplayer Game
Technology JS, HTML5
Features Live Bets, Live Chat in the Game, Rain Promo, Live Stats, Tournaments, Free Bets

Aviator Crash Game: The Ultimate Review from a User’s Perspective

Aviator by Spribe is an innovative mini casino game with social elements. Its format is founded on the curve crash mechanics. As soon as it got featured on a few crash gambling sites, we got several requests for this Aviator review. We researched all about Aviator game mechanics, coefficient, chances of winning, and everything else you need to know.

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Important Facts about the Aviator Game

Type of game Mini / Crash / Social multiplayer game
Developer Spribe
RTP 97%
Variance Low / Medium
Devices Mobile, tablet, desktop

What’s the Aviator Crash Game and How Does It Work?

Aviator is a social multiplayer game. It works through an increasing curve, which shows the scale of the multiplier. You win if you cash out before the plane flies away. A single session lasts from 8 to 30 seconds.

Curve crash mechanics first became popular in crypto casinos. They immediately engaged players with their simplicity and good winning potential.

Spribe is a relatively new software development company, which was founded in 2018. They introduced this game in 2019 for traditional online casinos and online casinos with Ethereum or LTC.

The minimum required bet is $0.01, which makes the game suitable for beginner players or anyone else who’s mindful about their gambling budget. The maximum bet accepted is $100. But you can simultaneously place 2 bets, which makes the maximum bet $200.

Aviator is a provably fair crypto game. It means that you’re able to verify the fairness of your bets, so the casino cannot cheat with the outcome. You can check the fairness by clicking the game history button (at the top of the window). You’ll see 3 player seeds, the server seeds, combined hash and round result. You can use a calculator to check the correctness of the hash.

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Instructions: How to Play the Aviator Online Game in Australia

Aviator is a game with a slight learning curve, and it requires a bit of skill. Let’s see how you can play it:

  • Although the game lasts anywhere between 8 and 30 seconds, you only have 5 seconds to place your bets for the upcoming round. The outcome depends on how quickly the game ends and how high the plane ends up going.
  • First, you should place a bet. The minimum is $0.01, and the maximum is $100. You can place a double bet on the same session.
  • Once the plane takes off, the multiplier will start sending it higher. You need to hit the Cashout button before it flies away. Here’s the trick: you never know when it’s going to fly away. Waiting might land you a bigger win, but it might also leave you with nothing.
  • If you want to continue playing, you’ll need to wait a few seconds for the next round to start.
  • You can set up an Auto Bet feature, which will place the same bet on every round.
  • The Auto Cashout feature will automatically cashout when the multiplier reaches the chosen point.

Strategies for Playing Aviator

The first thing to understand is there is no strategy you can use with 100% certainty. Aviator is driven by an RNG (Random Number Generator). It means the results of all rounds are completely random. This is guaranteed as Aviator was created using “Provably Fair” technology.

However, there are some strategies, and even predictors you can use to get the most from your bankroll.

Strategies for Single Bets

The following strategies are for single bets and can be used depending on your temperament and attitude towards risk.

The Minimum Risk Strategies

As a newbie to Aviator, practicing on a free demo version is a good idea. That way, you can familiarise yourself with all the buttons, the functions, and the general gameplay.

It’s best to start slowly when you begin playing for real money. Keep the coin size small and opt for lower multipliers from 1 up to, say, x1.5. You can also set the automated bet and cash-out functions if you wish. Don’t forget to bear the tips we mentioned earlier in mind. Never get stressed or frustrated. It’s meant to be fun.

The 1.5x Strategy

This strategy is based on placing small wages and always cashing out before the rising multiplier reaches 1.5x. It’s not a get-rich-quick strategy but will guarantee you a profit of around 50% with a reasonably low-risk factor.

The Moderate Risk Strategy

This is a double-up strategy that allows you to bet any amount. It’s best suited if you have a suitable bankroll. It’s all about studying the statistics of multipliers in previous rounds and being reasonably sure that the aircraft won’t fly away before passing the x2 multiplier. You should adhere to the rules of this strategy, only cashing out at the nominated x2 multiplier. The result will be a 100% profit with a medium risk factor.

The High-Risk Strategy

This strategy is best used if you’ve got nerves of steel and a big bankroll. It revolves around being aware that once every hour or hour and a half, the x100 multiplier falls out, and you bet on it turning up during that duration. It is a very risky strategy, but it allows you to win big.

Strategies for Double Bets

As mentioned earlier, you can place two bets in any round, which is where these strategies come into play.

The 2:1 Strategy

This is reputedly one of the more successful strategies to use when playing Aviator, and it involves always making double bets whereby the second bet is twice the amount of the first. So, if, for example, your first bet is 10 AUD, then your second bet should be 20 AUD. The theory is that the second larger bet covers the smaller first one.

When the multiplier reaches x1.5, you cash out the second bigger bet, winning 30 AUD, covering the cost of both bets – ergo, you break even.

Breaking even is useful but not exciting, so try this variant. You set auto cash-out with a low multiplier for the larger bet, say betting 20 AUD with a multiplier of x1.5. If it succeeds, you win 30 AUD. With the second bet, use a smaller stake (say 10 AUD) with a larger multiplier (say x5). If it comes up, you win 50 AUD. If your first bet loses but your second one wins, you’re still 30 AUD in profit.

The 1.5x +2x Strategy

This is another twin-bet strategy favoured by many Aviator enthusiasts. With this strategy, you set your multiplier for the bigger bet at x1.5 and x2 for the smaller one. It means that you are increasing the chances of a double win in ongoing rounds. As an example, you wager 20 AUD with a 1.5 coefficient and 10 AUD at x2. If you win both, you’ll be 50 AUD up. If you only bet two wins, you’ll still be up by 20 AUD.

Useful Tips on Aviator Games

These are the most important things to know after reading the instructions and before starting to play:

  • You should mind the coefficient at which the plane flies away. It’s randomly set by an RNG system. There’s a feature within the game that allows you to check the fairness of the outcome.
  • The amount you win is your bet multiplied by the number the multiplier reaches when you cash out.
  • Aviator is a multiplayer game. You can see what everyone else is betting and how much they cash out on each round.

Advanced Aviator Tricks To Win For Experienced Players

  • Master the Auto Cash-Out: Make use of the auto cash-out function. Set it at a multiplier you are comfortable with to secure winnings automatically. This is particularly useful to prevent the all-too-human temptation to wait ‘just a little longer’ for a higher multiplier. It’s a safety net that can be adjusted as you grow more confident.
  • Study patterns, not as predictions, but to understand the volatility. Think of it like watching weather patterns before flying.
  • Learning from Others: Observe how other players interact with the game. You’ll notice patterns and strategies that you can incorporate into your own gameplay. Some may cash out early consistently, others may take occasional risks, and a few might play recklessly. Watching these styles can offer insight into the diversity of strategies within Aviator.
  • Avoiding Tilt: Keep emotions in check. If you experience a loss, don’t let the frustration lead to reckless betting to try and win it all back. This is known as “tilting”, and it can lead to bigger losses. Maintain a level head, stick to your strategies, and accept that losses are part of the game.

About the Aviator Spribe Gaming Algorithm

Aviator’s algorithm works in a simple way: the multiplier’s growth is driven by AI. The moment when the plane flies away and the coefficient stops is completely random. Those who don’t cash out by that moment lose their bets.

Provably fair technology guarantees non-interference and fairness for this game and titles like Spaceman. The game’s results are not generated on individual casino servers. The players, who participate in the round, take part in the generation of the result.

What’s the Aviator RTP?

Aviator has a declared RTP of 97%. That’s above the average of most crypto slots.

The Return to Player rate shows how much you can win in the Aviator game over a period of time. If, for example, you spend $100 over a larger number of games, you should expect to return $97. However, keep in mind that this is just a statistical percentage. It doesn’t mean much on a single-player level. It’s a game of chance, so you can win a lot or lose more than expected.

Aviator Game Predictor App: What Is It?

Aviator Game Predictors like AviatorPredictor APK are tools that use different mechanics and data to forecast the outcome of the game you play at the casino. Developers call it ‘the secret weapon,’ claiming that using this tool will tell you when to cash out and when to wait for higher winnings.

As you probably assumed, it is more complex than that.

How Game Predictor Apps Work

A prediction app will offer instant, rapid forecast that helps the player estimate what they’ll win and when they should cash out in the game. The game’s results are processed through an algorithm, so naturally, the predictions are only guesses – there’s no 100% accuracy, no matter which predictor or strategy you use.

When you get and install an Aviator Predictor, you’ll need to create an account or log in to the one you already have to use the software. You can use it on a desktop or mobile.

Once you log in, you can start playing the game using the predictor.

Are These Apps Accurate: Pros and Cons of Using Them

The predictor forecasts the outcome based on different algorithms. The app is not 100% accurate, and all it does is analyze historical flight data, performance statistics, and some general data to estimate the game’s outcome.

Aviator Predictors are easy to use and, according to some players, good at making guesses. However, there is more than one such app, so you need to do your research first and pick the ones that are more popular with users.

Now, this sounds amazing, and you are probably thinking – what do I have to lose if I use it? However, there are some cons of using Aviator predictor apps, too:

  • Not free. Most predictor apps come with a fee, at least the good ones. You’ll need to pay a monthly or yearly fee to use them, depending on your chosen tool.
  • Not all of them are secure. Many apps will require an account. When you create an account, you’ll be asked to provide personal information as well as banking information to pay the account fee. If you don’t choose a secure predictor software, your money and personal information are at risk.
  • Not 100% accurate. Casino games use random generators, which means that they are fair and completely custom. You can’t affect the outcome, but with a predictor, you can boost your chances. Still, it’s important to know that these aren’t and cannot be 100% accurate.

Important Features of Spribe Aviator

Aviator’s special features create a community around the game.

  • Live Bets

The bar on the left shows how many players are active in the round and what bets they have placed. You’ll also see their winnings at the end of the round.

  • Live Chat in the Game

Although the game is fast and active, you can still find the time to chat with other players between sessions. GIF and emoji packs are included for quick communication. Players mostly use the chat to congratulate those who won big.

  • Rain Promo

Free bets are occasionally granted through live chat. That’s why it’s important to follow the action there. To claim the bets, you should just hit the Claim button.

  • Live Stats

If you’re interested in statistics, you can check the biggest wins in a year, month, or day.

  • Tournaments

In addition to the usual gameplay, you can also take part in tournaments. That’s a good way to earn free bets, additional cash rewards, and other prizes.

  • Free Bets

Giveaways and promos are common for this game. They may be granted by the casino you choose, but by the developer as well.

The Coefficient of Aviator Betting Game: How Much Can Win?

The higher the multiplier’s coefficient is, the more money you win. The lowest possible outcome is 1, but anything less than 1.20x is considered unprofitable as well.

What’s the maximum you can hope for? The game is set to deliver a maximum of 200x your bet, but that value rarely appears. That’s why we don’t recommend waiting for so long. Placing more frequent bets that aim for lower multiplications (such as 3x or even 2x your bet) is a more profitable strategy.

How to Win Money in Aviator Spribe, Winning Strategy

Speaking of strategies, let’s see how you can keep winning in the Aviator game or games like Jet-X:

  • Start with small bets (up to $0.5), and aim to cashout at around 1.3x on the This is a good way to test how the game works while minimizing the chance of losing big sums. You may want to keep that strategy of betting small and accumulating a small, but steady flow of wins.
  • When you feel confident to risk more, you can start placing larger bets. However, we still recommend cashing out quickly, before the multiplier reaches 1.5x.
  • If you haven’t seen a larger multiplication in the game for some time and you feel like taking a risk, aim for 2x or 3x. Don’t do this too often, as it increases your chances of losing.

How To Avoid Common Aviator Mistakes

Navigating the highs and lows of the Aviator game requires not just knowledge of what to do but also what not to do. There are several traps that players frequently fall into, and here’s how to avoid them:

  • Chasing Losses: A common instinct in gaming is to try and recoup losses by continuing to play, often leading to riskier bets and, unfortunately, larger losses. This cycle can be dangerous to both your finances and enjoyment of the game. Always remember that Aviator, like all games of chance, should be about entertainment.
  • Ignoring Game Patterns: While Aviator is a game of luck, paying attention to game patterns can offer insights. Though no pattern guarantees a win, completely ignoring this aspect can result in missed opportunities to cash out at the right moment.
  • Playing Under Influence: Decision-making can be significantly affected if you’re playing while tired, stressed, or under the influence of alcohol. Navigating the highs and lows of the Aviator game requires a level head –  it’s much like being a pilot in command. So make sure you’re playing with a clear mind, free from distractions that could cloud your judgment.
  • Overconfidence in Winning Streaks: Winning streaks can give a false sense of power, leading players to make larger bets or ignore their cash-out thresholds. It’s essential to stick to your pre-determined strategy, regardless of short-term outcomes.
  • Not Utilizing Auto Cash-Out: The auto cash-out feature can be a safety net, securing profits by automatically cashing out at a predetermined point. Not using this feature, especially if you’re prone to hesitation, can lead to losses that could have easily been avoided.
  • Not Practising: Now, let’s talk practice. Imagine stepping into an aircraft cockpit without any training – not the best idea, right? That’s why skipping the demo mode in Aviator is a no-go. Use it to get a feel for the game. It’s your risk-free training ground.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up, think of Aviator like a flight path: there are no guarantees of constant ascent, but smart strategies are your co-pilot to help you fly through those gaming skies with finesse. Careful budgeting, measured betting, and timely cash-outs are your arsenal for this game. They ensure that, as you play, you remain in control and can enjoy the thrill without added risk. The real victory is enjoying the game while okaying sensibly and responsibly.


Is the Aviator game a slot?

It’s not a slot. It’s a different concept, which requires you to place a bet and cashout before the multiplier progression randomly ends.

What’s the biggest amount I can win on Aviator Spribe?

The largest possible win is 200x your bet. The largest bet accepted is $100, which brings the biggest possible win to $20K. If you place a double bet, you could win $40K (in theory, but that’s extremely unlikely to happen in practice).

Can I play Aviator for free?

Yes! A free demo of Aviator game by Spribe is available on multiple casino sites.

Is there an Aviator app to download?

Yes! The game’s app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.


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