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RTP 96.4%
Volatility Medium To High
Max. Win $540
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Last updated 23.01.2023
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Zeppelin Crash Game Review: RTP & Gambling Tips

Popular casino game options like pokies, roulette, and blackjack offer exciting gaming experiences, and there are some new interactive options in town. Fortunately, recent titles defy traditional gaming frameworks to provide exciting features.

Games like Aviator and Dice and Mines have become popular despite not being in any conventional category. They are not table games and don’t have rows and columns like pokies. Betsolutions’s Zeppelin is an exclusive title that most players consider a Crash game. It has a unique wagering setting, but most players love it because it is rewarding and has simple rules.

Australian players have joined the growing list of Zeppelin players, as some casinos on the Island now offer the crash game. While the gambling options are still limited, players in Australia can now wager and win big on the detonating blimp plane. This guide contains a comprehensive review of Zeppelin, the winning opportunities, and some basic strategies to help players win big.

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Do Gamblers Consider Zeppelin A Crash Game?

Crash gaming titles are a new category of gambling options involving automated game symbols, multipliers, and excellent graphic designs.

These titles are like video games, but the player has limited control over the process. One common feature of all crashes is that the icon collides in the end, but the bettors wager on how long it would last before it crashes.

Betsolutions’ Zeppelin game maintains this crashing theme. The Zeppelin icon rises from ground level on a scale and continues to move up until it eventually detonates. The scale measures the Zeppelin’s height, and the players’ payout increases as long as the Zeppelin is still in the air. However, the players may lose their wager if they don’t cash out before the Zeppelin detonates.

Betsolutions launched this excellent game in 2019, and it has risen to become one of the most popular crash options. However, Zeppelin just entered Australia and is only available in a few casinos.

Another excellent feature of Betsolutons’ Zeppelin is that the game is provably fair. This feature guarantees that it runs on an automated algorithm, and neither the casino nor the players can interfere with the results. Provably fair games run on blockchain technology and have the highest gaming encryption, so players can be sure that the casino is not trying to rip them off.

How To Start Zeppelin Gaming Session

Zeppelin maintains the tradition of crash games by being remarkably simple to play. The game is interactive, so players can figure it out as soon as they log in. It also has auto options to help you place your bet and make basic in-play moves. However, we know that you prefer to have primary control over your gaming options, so we have created a detailed guide on playing the Zeppelin game:

  1. Create an account with a casino that offers the Zeppelin
  2. Locate Zeppelin. Check Crash games, Casual Games, or Exclusive options.
  3. Launch Zeppelin and select a bet option.
  4. Select Crash or Not Crash.
  5. Place your bet and watch the Zeppelin fly.
  6. Cash out at a reasonable time.

Winning at Zeppelin requires more luck than strategy. The surest approach is to cash out before the plane detonates. Most players prefer to cash out as soon as they recover their wager or get up to 2x their deposit. Fortunately, Zeppelin has high volatility and a remarkable RTP percentage, so you can recover your wager within the first few seconds of the game.

Everything About Zeppelin

We have reviewed the Zeppelincrash for all information to help players make decisions. Here are some necessary details to help you understand the game:

Information On Zeppelin Algorithm

Zeppelin is Betsolutions’s biggest release, running on the studio’s exclusive software. The icon is an automated blimp plane that takes off from the ground and goes higher until it detonates.

Furthermore, the algorithm is similar to the Random Number Generators in pokies, ensuring transparency. The algorithm keeps the game running until it detonates randomly. This random crash holds the gameplay fair.

RTP Percentage Of Zeppelin

Zeppelin offers a certain win percentage and allows one to win back after some wagers. Zeppelin has a 96.4% RTP putting it in the same category as most online pokies.

Volatility Of Zeppelin

Zeppelin is also popular because it has remarkably high volatility. Volatility typically predicts how high and frequently the players can win. Games with high volatility likely have high payouts, while the low-volatility options have more frequent payouts. The good thing about Zeppelin’s high volatility is that the minimum deposit can become a huge winning opportunity.

Zeppelin Crash Game Bet Categories

Zeppelin has two bet options; the straight bet and the live bet. There is also an auto-bet feature for players that don’t have much gambling experience:

Straight Bet

This feature allows the player to decide most of the bet features before the gaming session begins. The player decides if the Zeppelin will crash and place their bet on Crash or Not Crash.

Live Bet

Most features of the live bet are similar to the previous option. The player can select Crash or Not Crash and cash out before the section ends. The major difference is that the Live option allows players to place their bet after the Zeppelin has left the ground.


Is Zeppelin A Slot?

No, Zeppelin Crash is not qualified as an online slot. It has a similar algorithm to most of the slots but does not have the reels, pay lines, and paying symbols.

Can I Play Zeppelin In A Demo Version?

Yes, you can play the Zeppelin demo version on the Betsolutions website or any platform that offers it.

Can Zeppelin Be Played On Mobile Devices?

Yes, Betsolutions recently launched the Zeppelin game on mobile devices. Players can also enjoy the mobile version of a casino with mobile options.


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