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How To Play Blackjack, Guide For Newbies

Playing every casino game requires a basic understanding of the rules and available options. Whether a beginner or pro player, you can always learn something new when engaging in popular casino games. The same works for blackjack enthusiasts who need to know everything about the game before sitting at the table. This review is your perfect guide to blackjack and its general rules.

how to play blackjack

About Blackjack

Blackjack is a well-known card game available at casinos around the world. It is simple to learn, and players choose it regularly. The game has become a favorite option due to favorable odds and realistic winning chances. It traditionally includes 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8 decks of cards, and the game is also perfect for players who are skilled in card counting.

The rules are straightforward, and players are required to form the best possible hand closest to 21. At the same time, players should form the hand, which is better than the dealer’s. Before the game starts, the dealer distributes cards, and players can ask for an additional one if they want.

Basics Rules of Blackjack

If you want to know how to play Blackjack for beginners, you should start with the basic rules of the game. As we already mentioned, the main goal is to reach the result closest to 21, but there are also additional rules to have in mind. Here is a step-by-step guide for newcomers:

  • Join a Blackjack table: As soon as all players are ready, each of them will receive two cards face up. The dealer will also get two cards – one face up, and the other face down.
  • Decide to Hit or Stand: Based on the value of your hand, you should make the next move without going over 21 or busting. To make the best possible decision, you can follow the instinct or the strategy cheat sheets. If you decide to hit, you ask for a new card. If you want to stand, the dealer will move to another player without giving additional cards.
  • Check Your Hand Value: Once you decide to hit or stand, you will have a new value. However, you can only stay in the game if the value of your hand is 21 or lower.
  • Check Cards of the Dealer: Once all players at the table make their decisions, the dealer will reveal his face down card
  • Compare the Cards: If you have a hand closer to 21, you win the game. On contrary, if the dealer holds 21 or closer to the winning number than other players, the dealer wins the game.
  • Claim Winnings: In case of a positive result, a dealer will payout winnings to a lucky winner.

About Decks and Suits

Before you start with Blackjack 101, you need to learn more about decks and suits. A blackjack deck consists of 52 cards split into four suits:

  • Clubs
  • Diamonds
  • Hearts
  • Spades

Spades and clubs are black colored while diamonds and hearts are red-colored. A typical deck has 13 ranks and every suite includes one card per rank. The initial one is the ace (A), but it doesn’t equal 1. The following are in the range from two (2) to ten (10/T), and the final three cards are known as face – the Jack (J), Queen (Q), and King (K).

How to Score in Blackjack

Apart from knowing the basic rules about decks and suits, you need to know the ranks. Whether you will score in blackjack depends on the ranks you have in the hand, as well as your ability to count them. Here are the rules:

  • Each ace equals either 1 or 11 points
  • For all cards that are part of the 2-to-10 string, the same rule applies – their rank is identical to their original value. If you have a 5, your total score is 5 points. Face cards, on the other hand, are worth 10 points.

Blackjack Rules

When you start playing the blackjack game, you also want to familiarize yourself with the additional rules of the game. First of all, it is useful to know more about the payouts you receive and which moves you need to take. Check them out below:

  • Regular wins deliver a payout of 1:1 – If the value of your hand is closer to 21 than the cards of the dealer
  • Blackjack wins deliver 3:2 – if your cards are worth 21
  • 16 or below – Dealer has to hit on any hand worth 16 or below
  • Hit or Stand – Customers have the choice of adding a card to the hand (hitting) or not (standing) to get a final hand of 21, or closest to this value. It is also possible to double down or split.
  • Split – you can turn the hand of two into 2 independent hands, for an additional chance to beat the dealer. This is a possibility if you have two cards of identical value
  • Double down – some casinos allow players to double down any hand, while others allow the same only on 10 or 11.

Elements of the Blackjack Game

Knowing the basic rules is useful, but you also need to familiarize yourself with the main elements of the game including:

  • Blackjack Layout: Blackjack is played on a table that can accept a different number of players. The most usual tables accept 7 players but there are also tables that only receive 5 players and some of them having 12 spots! The dealer takes position behind the table and the bettors sit on the other side.
  • Chips: Once you select the seat, you should purchase chips from the dealer. Choose the amount you want to play with and place your money on the felt. The dealer will give you chips instead of cash. Chips are available in several denominations and colors. Chips could be different depending on the casino, but colors are standard.
  • Dealer: He is the main participant of the game, responsible for the distribution of cards. The dealer distributed two cards face up and the game can start.
  • Cards: Blackjack is regularly played with a deck of 52 cards. As part of the decks, cards have different values or ace (A), 2-10, Jack (J), Queen (Q), and King (K).

Blackjack Tips for Newcomers

There are different tips to win Blackjack and you should focus on both basic and more advanced techniques. However, if you are a beginner, it would be best to stick to the following:

  • Avoid spending money that you cannot afford: Set a budget for the blackjack game and stick to it.
  • Learn the Basic strategy: If you keep following the basic strategy guide, you can increase your winning chances.
  • Never wager over half of your stack on one bet: It would be better to prolong betting sessions and keep your money for later stages.
  • Stay calm: Even if you gave some bad moments, don’t lose patience. When playing blackjack, you need to stick to the strategy on a long-term basis to enhance your chances.

If you want to learn how to play Blackjack like a pro, you need to apply more advanced tips.

  • Avoid splitting two face cards: This is a regular mistake by players, who consider that splitting tens and face cards double their earnings. However, this is not a good idea as you will decrease a high winning probability when having 20 and risk losing twice your cash if the new cards aren’t the ones you wish.
  • Split Aces and 8s: A pair of 8s provides you with 16, and if you split them, you are betting that at least one card will give a solid hand. With this strategy, you have multiple chances to win.

Popular Versions of Blackjack in Australia

When playing blackjack in Australia, you will usually come across the following variations:

  • Blackjack Switch: A player receives two hands, and the 2nd card of every hand can be exchanged with another. A dealer 22 is a push, and a natural blackjack pays an even amount instead of 3:2.
  • Vegas Strip: It is played with 4 decks of cards. Bettors can split aces once and double down on any 2. The dealer stands on soft and hard 17.
  • Single Deck: It has the lowest house advantage providing players with certain benefits.
  • High Streak Blackjack: If you wager more than other players on this type, you can benefit from progressive payouts when winning multiple hands in a row.
  • Hi-Lo 13: This version is about guessing the hand numbers. As part of the title, you wager a guess on the initial hand – whether it’s over 13, under 13, or 13.


The blackjack game is getting huge popularity around the globe. Its simple rules and decent winning potential attract new customers to test and stay with a game in the long-run. That’s why you should check this guide and give it a try.


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