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How To Cheat Pokies, 2024 Guidance

how to cheat pokie machines

How To Cheat Pokies and Win Some Money

Slot machines are the most engaging games in both land-based and online casinos. This game is attractive both to customers and cheaters, which use the machine for fraudulent purposes. Online pokies can deliver life-changing awards for their players and it is understandable they many cheaters want to trick the system and steal the money from them. If you are looking for tips and tricks on how to cheat pokies, you can check the following guide and find more about the same possibility.

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How To Trick Offline Pokies

Hacking a slot machine is very challenging even for professional hackers. These games are created by a knowledgeable and competent team of people who use math and other development tools to create the best possible products. Before the official launch, each product should pass several stages of testing. During the testing process, testers can find every bug which should be corrected by mathematicians.

Despite ongoing work on the trial-and-error process, there is a theoretical possibility to reveal some errors in the machines. The question of how to trick a pokie machine is very common among hackers, but the answer is simple – you must be a genius. Additionally, you need to have a team of professionals and learn how to dismantle the RNG machine. There are also additional techniques that will help in the entire process.

Cheat Codes

Gambling authorities take care that everything works smoothly in the gambling market, Engineers are responsible for designing machines that can be monitored and further checked for delivering fair and high-quality gameplay. However, engineers can rig the code and make the game working in their favor. According to the famous story, Ronald Dale Harris, an engineer of the Nevada Gaming Commission manipulated a slot and was doing the game for years. When his partner took $100,000 on keno in 1995, he was discovered.

Magnet Utilization

Many people wonder how to cheat a slot machine with a magnet. It is important to know that modern machines cannot be tricked with a magnet as they are programmed. Despite this, we had examples of people who were successful in cheating with a magnet on the machines from the older times. To make this possible, you need to spin the slot reels and utilize a robust magnet to cease reels from spinning as soon as you notice your winning combos. Everything is done outside of the machine. Once you remove the magnet from the machine, you can easily claim winnings.

Light Wand

There is an additional way for cheaters who want to know how to manipulate a slot machine. Tommy Glenn Carmichael is a famous cheater who used to apply a light wand. He used his light wand to deliver jackpot awards from the thin air. A light wand was a perfect tool for blinding the optical sensor on machines and it was not possible to check the number of deposited coins in the machine. It was the way for Tommy to make big amounts from small wins.

Monkeys Paw

Tommy Glenn Carmichael has also created the “monkey paw”. He used to test new ideas on video poker and invented the right contraption. For these purposes, he utilized a guitar string and linked it to a bent rod. He used to thrust it into the air vent of the machine and wriggled it around all the time before he clicked the switch for the hopper.

Replacement of the Chip

Another way to cheat the slot machines was invented by Dennis Nikrasch. He purchased a machine and investigated it to find out all possible flaws. He found out that computer chips in the machines can be re-programmed to pay jackpots on click. Nikrasch bought many chips, employed a squad of scammers, got keys, and started a scamming adventure. His scam was successful for years and casinos lost enormous amounts of money. However, everything that he did is switching the separate chips with the manipulated ones.

Using Bill Validator

The next way to cheat a slot is by using a bill validator. In this case, you can utilize a small device wrapped all over a bill to trick the slot machine. By doing that, the machine will assume that it is getting a $100 bill when it is getting only a $1 bill. This scam was invented in the Nevada bar by Billy-Joe and Uncle Fuzz.

Software Glitches

Casinos used to refuse winnings in many cases due to glitches. One of the famous incidents occurred in 2015 when grandmother from Illinois, Pauline McKee, took $41 million on a slot machine Miss Kitty at the Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo. She sued the casino and her last appeal was refused in 2015. The casino won this case based on historical instances.

Software glitches have also been used by cheaters for years. They used to play a specific pattern of games and stakes to confuse the slot machine and activate a glitch that delivers a jackpot amount. Many cheaters took advantage of this practice, but many jackpot winners are later denied because of this cheating practice.

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Can I Cheat at Online Pokies?

As we already said, if you are looking for how to hack pokie machines, you need to be a real genius. Once you have a team around you, you will also need all information about the turnover of the machine and the present amounts. Employees of the gambling venues have the biggest chances to trick slot machines as they are close to the games. It is also useful to test the machine manually. To test the game, you need to complete several phases including testing the loan size, bet size, the total number of active paylines, and the total bet amount.

If the producer is not active at the time of the cheating, your chances to trick the machine are higher. The testing process is also expensive and if you want to discover some bugs, you need to invest in it.

If you read forums, you can find many stories about cheats and hacked casino games. The real truth is that any issue can easily be fixed by the developer. The only exception would be machines that work without the support of the initial producer. There are also stories about bugs in the games from providers such as Unicum and Igrosoft. Only recently, it was additionally supported by examples or hacks of 1x sites such as 1xBet or 1xPokies.

Names of the most known “slots hackers”

If you are looking for the most famous slot hackers, we can mention some of the most known in the history of slot machines:

  • Ronald Dale Harris engineer from Nevada
  • Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio or con artist
  • Tommy Glenn Carmichael
  • Dennis Nikrasch
  • Billy-Joe and Uncle Fuzz


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