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Online Gambling in Sydney: Regulations & Best Pokies!

Have you come across a Sydney & New South Wales online casino recently? The number of these is growing and they’re all over the Internet. Casinos have been a big hit since the very beginning, but once the concept of an online casino was introduced, the interest grew at a faster rate than ever.

Today, online gambling in Sydney doesn’t just happen in the well-lit, colourful casinos with many bankers and players. It also happens whenever a gambling enthusiast uses his smart device and an Internet connection to sign in or sign up with an online casino. Thanks to technology advances, the possibilities are quite the same as gambling at the actual, physical casino. Some games can even be played live, connecting the player with bankers in the actual casino.

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Rules and Regulations on Offline Gambling

Offline betting is perfectly legal in Sydney. The city has some of the most lenient state betting laws, which makes it popular with gamblers from all over the country. The basic rule is that you have to be of legal age (18 years and above) to visit a casino for betting purposes. There are over a dozen land-based casinos in the city, including some of the most luxurious casinos in Asia.

As mentioned, Sydney has some of the friendliest betting laws in Australia. The constitution places responsibility for regulating betting on the individual regional governments. To this end, there are multiple betting regulatory authorities in the region and the whole country, including:

  • Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (New South Wales)
  • Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (Queensland)
  • Licensing Commission (Northern Territory)
  • ACT Gambling and Racing Commission (Australian Capital Territory) 
  • Independent Gambling Authority (South Australia)  
  • Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor (Western Australia)
  • Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (Victoria)
  • Tasmanian Gaming Commission (Tasmania)

It is worth noting that these commissions focus their gaze on providers of betting activities and don’t concern themselves much with the individual bettors. Some of these independent commissions’ laws may also be subject to laws by the central government.

Sydney – A Haven for Aussie Gamblers

As mentioned, Sydney has some of the friendliest betting laws in Australia. The city reflects Australia’s (in)famous obsession with betting. 

Gambling Help, a government-funded organization tasked with tackling gambling addiction in Australia, reports that more than 80% of Aussies engage in some form of betting. The most popular forms of betting in the city are:

Gaming Machines

There are hundreds of gaming machines all over the city, including in bars, pubs, hotels, and many other establishments. These include video poker machines, commonly known as pokies. Pokies machines, which offer thousands of slots games, are also popular. 

Online Betting

Online betting is a blur subject under Sydney’s gambling laws. Some online betting activities are legal, but the wider range of online gambling is illegal. Nevertheless, majority of gamblers in the city engage in casino online betting in breach of the law and without any particular consequences, as will be discussed. 

Walk-In Casinos

Walk-in casinos offer the ultimate betting experience for gamblers in Sydney. There are over a dozen land-based casinos spread out all across Sydney. These sites offer hundreds of games in various categories, including popular games and sports betting options. 

The Star Casino is the most popular in the city. It stands out for its unmatched luxuries and vibrant range of betting activities. It has two floors dedicated to gaming. These floors house all sorts of betting facilities, including electronic gaming machines, table games, poker rooms, and more. Furthermore, it also has eight bars, seven restaurants, and dozens of luxurious hotel rooms.

Clearing the Air on Online Gambling in Sydney 

As mentioned, some forms of online betting are legal while others are banned under the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. Legal forms of online betting include:

  • Online pokie machines 
  • Online poker at walk-in casinos 
  • Online bingo at walk-in casinos

However, online casino platforms are strictly prohibited in the city and the rest of the country. As a result, Aussies flock to off-shore online casinos, of which there are several that accept Aussies and the Australian dollar. The central and state governments haven’t been able to do much about this as millions of Aussies engage in illicit online gambling without any consequences.

Top Software Providers for Sydney Online Casinos

Australia’s lucrative online betting industry has attracted some of the best offshore online casino platforms. The popular ones in Sydney are powered by the leading online betting software providers, including:

  • NetEnt
  • Playtech 
  • Novomatic 
  • Dragonfish 
  • Evolution gaming 
  • Gaming Realms 
  • Golden Race
  • Skillzzgaming 

These casino gaming software providers are distinguished by their impressive graphics and robust range of casino games. These software providers have a range of slot games custom-made for the Australian market; these games feature nationalistic themes such as the outback. For example, NetEnt registered an average of 20 billion gaming transactions annually. It is up to the individual players to check which software their online casino of choice works with, depending on their preferences. 

Popular Banking Methods

Sydney’s online betting industry has a surprisingly diverse banking infrastructure, despite the laws against betting online. Popular banking methods include:

Transactions by credit cards and online money transfer methods are conveniently quick, and they are usually instant in most cases (depending on the casino you are working with). It is also worth noting that some casinos accept Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. 

Unfortunately, bank wire transfer options are not preferable since they are under more direct scrutiny from the authorities. Additionally, some casinos may require players to convert their Aussie dollars to American dollars and other currencies.

How We Rate Online Casinos in Sydney

We take our time reviewing every online casino in Sydney. We take the same approach for them all. Here is how our process goes.

We selected some of the best editors to check online casinos. These are experienced gamers and most of them have worked at actual casinos, so they know the ropes. Their first start is to see how much it would cost you to play. This is when we compare the deposits and tell you what casinos are the most affordable option for you to start with.

We move on to the games list next. This is really important. It’s what you’d be doing at the casino when you make your deposit, so you don’t want to choose one with poor gaming choices or bad games. That’s why we test the games as well as see the choice of games.

All gaming comes with a casino’s set of requirements. Our goal is to find out what these are and tell you what you must do to play in a casino, how much you can win in it, and what it takes to withdraw your winnings.

More popular casinos give you better chances and winning and of course, better gaming experience. That’s why in our search for the best ones, we also consider what others have said about their experience in the casino under review.

Lastly, we’ll see what else the casino offers. Casinos have loyalty programs, starting special offers, as well as many bonuses for championships, new players, etc. We’ll tell you what you can benefit when you play in the casinos under review.

New Casinos In Sydney
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Are New Casinos Safe?

The new casinos Sydney has to offer, which we’ve mentioned in the list above, have been checked by us and present all the security measures needed to ensure a safe gambling experience:

  • Personal data protection,
  • Financial transactions’ encryption,
  • Anti-malware and firewalls,
  • Fairness of the gambling odds.

How to Check the License of New Casino

The seal of the licensing authority should be visible at the bottom of the main page. Clicking it should transfer you to the regulatory authority’s official website where you should find information about the specific online casino, along with the possibility to submit a complaint that the licensing authority is bound to help you with.

Popular Casino Games in Sydney

Following is an overview of some of the most popular casino games in Sydney:


Blackjack is by far the most popular table casino game in Sydney and Australia as a whole. Various casinos feature various versions of the game. 


Roulette is also popular and, more importantly, more easily available than most other online casino games. Many of the gaming machines all over the city feature hundreds of different roulette games. However, it is most popular in walk-in casinos where players can actually drop the ball themselves.  


Baccarat is not as popular as Blackjack, but this exotic table game is gaining popularity as more online casinos enter the market. It is an interesting game that involves comparing cards between the dealer’s and player’s hands. 

Online Pokies

Online pokies take the trophy when it comes to the most popular casino games not only in the city but also the rest of the country. These machines are scattered all over the city. They feature a wide range of casino games, including roulette, poker, and bingo. The most popular thing about pokie machines is that players can win real money instantly. 


Poker, and especially the Texas Hold’em version, is also popular with table game enthusiasts. Playing poker is especially convenient because it is accessible via the various online betting platforms. As mentioned, online poker is perfectly legal in the city, so it is an ideal choice for gamblers seeking to avoid the legal setbacks. 


Keno works much like bingo and is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. It is essentially a lottery game that requires players to choose between 1 and 10 numbers from a set of 80 numbers. The numbers are then drawn and winning combinations rewarded. The game is available online as well as in most of the walk-in casinos.


Are there any organizations that deal with gambling addiction in Sydney/Australia?

Yes, there are several government-backed organizations dedicated to helping fight gambling addiction in Sydney and Australia as a whole. The largest and most popular is Gambling Help Online, which is backed by Turning Point and funded by the government. Many rehabilitation centers in the city also offer paid counseling services. 

Are there any gambling taxes for Sydney’s gamblers?

Yes, the New South Wales regional government has imposed a 7% tax on walk-in casinos and other gambling service providers operating in the city. This tax only applies to the service providers and not to the individual players.  However, costs of taxation usually trickle down to the players themselves through playing fees.

What are some other popular gambling activities in Sydney?

Creative gamblers in Sydney seem to always come up with a gambling opportunity. People bet on a wide range of things, including natural phenomenon. It is also worth noting that sports betting in the city is just as popular (if not more popular) as online casino betting.

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